The Creative Florists You Need To Follow On Instagram

A florist that has an ability to artfully create bouquets is worth their weight in gold. But when they have a beautiful Instagram for you to feast your eyes on from the comfort of your own home, it is a no brainer for us… we’ll be hitting follow faster than you can say *love*! So today we are introducing you to four talented florists you need to be following.


Heavenly Blooms

Photo: Bonnie Jenkins

Heavenly Blooms lives up to its name and so does its Instagram. Full of beautiful imagery by equally talented photographers, Nat and her teams organic and creative take on floral styling has a style of its own. If you love Instagram accounts full of colour and artfully arranged flowers, you will no doubt love love what you see.


Yukari Botanicals


Photo: Janneke Storm

Yukari Botanicals is another florist with a unique aesthetic all of its own. Creative floral designer Ella loves using natives and dried flowers to create the most dreamy bouquets. Her style is loved by stylists and designers alike and you will see her arrangements and florals popping up all over the place online. If you love linen and natural textures… Yukari is a must to follow.


Florals & Co

Photo: Bulb Creative

Florals and Co is where you will no doubt find some of the most lush floral installations you’ve ever seen. They buy only the freshest most premium quality flowers which they hand select from their trusted growers and suppliers to create unique floral designs for weddings and events. If pretty and opulent flowers are what you are after, feast your eyes on their Instagram for instant flower envy.


Gloriosa Florals

Photo: Florido Weddings

These creatives know how to style an event. One visit of their Insta and you will see how versatile they are! A qualified florist with 12 years of experience, owner Sarah lovingly creates beautiful arrangements. With a keen eye for detail and quality of florals she loves to design floral arrangements and installations to reflect style, taste and individual tastes of her couples. And luckily for all of us, she documents these creations on her Instagram.

So there you have it, the florists you need to follow! The good news is, you will get to meet some of these talented florists in real life at our Brisbane Fair. Tickets are available now so make sure you get yours as soon as possible.

The Top 5 Songs You Need To Get Your D-Floor Pumping

As avid music lovers, getting the music right for your reception dance floor is up there on our list of priorities of the most important thing to get sorted and right for your wedding day. No-one likes a dud d-floor. You know the ones we mean… we’ve all been on them. The ones where you hold on to your only friend like a stage five clinger, or the ones that have you tempted to pop in your own head phones so you can rock on in a corner on your own.

Choosing the right DJ is what will help you really deliver in the music department. If you ask around, you’ll no doubt be met with the recommendation of Aaron from Cut A Rug. His reviews on his website will leave you laughing and you’ll instantly be met with the assurance that you are going to be in for a good time if you hire him to be your DJ. So we caught up with Aaron for 5 of his favourite wedding bangers and tips that will get you and your guests cutting shapes (or rugs) all night long.

Photo: Dear & Tine

Top 5 Songs: 

’My Girl’ by The Temptations: It’s crucial to get the first song right. Once everyone joins you on the floor during/after your first dance, it’s worth considering this – most people aren’t going to go from ‘zero to a hundred’ in the space of one song….so you’ll want to save ‘Sandstorm’ for a little later. I really love ‘My Girl’ here, everyone knows the words to this song and it’s a great sing along to kick things off. It’s awkward for single guys to dance and sing along to this one by themselves, but you could always make it up to them later by playing ‘Eagle Rock’.

’Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen: The last song is another big one – your MC will ask everyone to please report to the D-Floor for the last song of the night. The right song here will have everybody singing along, rocking out and bustin’ moves. This track ticks a lot of boxes and I haven’t seen it fail. It’s the quintessential last dance – sing along, air guitar, and an epic rock out that you can’t not jump around to. When the bride and groom choose this as their last song I know that we’ll be going out with a bang.

Photo: Jonas Peterson

’Temperature’ by Sean Paul: I’ve been playing this and tryin’ to act like I know the words a lot lately, and it always kills….(the song, not my lip syncing). It has a nostalgic golden era club / ‘So Fresh 2006’ kinda vibe to it but isn’t too obvious or played out like many other throwbacks from this era.

’Mr Brightside’ by The Killers: Yep, it’s a song about heartbreak, cheating and jealousy, but don’t read too much into the lyrics – not every song has to be about how in love you guys are. Quite simply, this song goes off. By the time the chorus kicks in, dance floor energy levels will be hitting new highs.

’I Like It’ by Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin: I had to throw something new in here……even though in 3 months this song will be sooooooo 3 months ago. I ain’t gonna lie – it took me a minute to warm to Cardi B, but she hooked me with this one. If RnB is going down a treat on the dance floor (as it so often does) then this little number goes hard. ‘I Like It’ has a latin vibe to it, so it’s a very timely release following the popularity of ‘Despacito’.

Photo: Cloudcatcher Studio

Tip One: 

While it helps if you like all the songs in your playlist – consider your guests. There can be so much value in tolerating a song you’re not a fan of IF it means packing your dance floor. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to roll your eyes along to ‘Loveshack’. But keep in mind who is going to be on the dance floor and what they will enjoy.

Tip Two:

The right song at the right time is super important, but if you want your dance floor to truly go off, then lead the charge. Hands down, the best dance floors I ever see have a bride and groom right there in middle of them….or crowd surfing on top of them. You can chit chat to everyone anytime, make the most of your chance to dance with your favourite people at your wedding.


So there you have it… the secret recipe to getting your dance floor pumping thanks to Aaron from Cut A Rug! *Got to run… we’re off on a mission to get invited to a wedding that Aaron is DG’ing at.

Five Photographers You Need To Know

Here at ADA we are blessed with a copious amount of talented photographers that we are surrounded by, so selecting out only 5 for today’s post was actually really difficult! Choosing the right photographer is something couples tell us all the time that they struggle with. So today we have made it much easier for you by throwing the spotlight on 5 photographers you need to know about! 

  1. Florido Weddings

Florido Wedding’s photography is featured on most of our new directory imagery and their bright colourful photography speaks for itself. Run by two friends, Callie & Andre, these guys bring the party vibes to keep the day as light and stress free as possible. They are experienced photographers and have pretty much seen it all, so you can be assured you’re in safe hands.

You can say hi to them here on Insta.

2. Juddric Photography

We have known Judd for a long time now, and worked with him on countless shoots. He is know for his natural photography style and ability to get people to be themselves in front of the camera. He covers your wedding day from start to finish so that you can kick back and enjoy every minute.

You can say hello to Judd here on Insta.

3. Life Is Beautiful Photography

Just one wander across Miriam Ackroyd’s website and photography will have you in awe of her work. Her imagery is so beautiful and really captures the soul of her Brides and Grooms. You will feel like you have been taken along a visual storytelling feast as you peruse her imagery.

You can make friends with Miriam here in Insta.

4. Cassandra Ladru

With an eye for the details and a beautiful fashion aesthetic, Cassandra is best known for her honest and timeless photography style. Her stunning photography captures her subjects in the best possible light, while still capturing their day in a journalistic photography style. She travels all over the world photographing couples in the most amazing locations and her Instagram will get you falling in love with love.

Do yourself a favour and feast your eyes on Cassandra’s Insta.

5. Ephemeral Creative

This team will have you going gah gah over wedding photos and their heart-felt photography. Offering photography and cinematography with a team of 3 talented creatives, you will be assured they will have your whole day covered. Their beautiful style and ability to capture raw emotion, as well as more posed shots, means you will have diversity of photography across your special day.

You can say hi to the team here on Insta.

Meet Winston Wolfe Custom Leather Jackets

When we first came across Winston Wolfe we were instantly head over heels in love. Firstly, what is not to love about timeless leather jackets? But secondly, when we realised they could be hand painted and customised for your wedding day, then we were ready to make it facebook official.

Established in 2012, Winston Wolfe is the go-to leather label for the cool-femme woman. Winston Wolfe leather pieces can be paired back with slip dresses, trainers, denim and lace. You can also have them customised in hand painted typography to make it really personal to you. Jackets come in black and ivory leather as well now too and are the perfect addition for the non-traditional bride who would like to bring some edge to their wedding day ensemble. 

Winston Wolfe has fast evolved into a cult brand and boast being worn by people such as: Pip Edwards, Elle Ferguson, Amanda Shadforth, Katie Modern and Jennifer Hawkins to name a few. Their Instagram account alone will have you super inspired for your edgy wedding and get you looking the part with a jacket created especially for your wedding day.

Make sure you head over to their website and Instagram and get acquainted!

What Online Dating Can Teach You About Finding Your Dream Wedding Cake

When Megan Norris of Hansel and Gretel cakes contacted us with the offer of a guest blog post, we knew it was going to be good, but we didn’t realise it would be THIS good! So today we have for you our newest, favourite cake blog post of all time. Prepare yourself for some profound wisdom bombs and LOL’s. 

What Online Dating Can Teach You About Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Congratulations on your engagement, you have found that special someone who has swept your feet off the dating scene. But you might want to reach back into that bag of first date coping mechanisms while you embark on the beautiful journey that is finding your cake maker.

For the last six years I’ve had the pleasure of making Wedding Cakes for the most fantastic couples but, I can’t ignore the parallels between finding the perfect cake maker and online dating. 

PARALLEL NUMBER ONE: It was the puppy in the photo that got you.

Let me set the scene, you are up late scrolling through your options online, you see a cake you love and hop on their website to find out more. Only to find out that no other cakes on their site really appeal to you. This is what I like to call the puppy dog effect. You see a guy online and think, “I like dachshunds, he has a dachshund, maybe this could work?” Yes, the puppy was cute, but does he have any other qualities you will enjoy? You need to like the whole package, much like finding a cake maker.

Each cake maker has a distinct style and this will come through in every cake they make. If you don’t think you’ll enjoy mountain climbing at 5am or watching cricket matches that last longer than 48 hours, you won’t be happy. Mountain climbing isn’t a bad thing, I hear it’s a good thing, but it’s just not what you enjoy. You can’t change a partner’s habits, and you can’t change a cake makers’ style. Make sure you like the whole package, not just the puppy.


PARALLEL NUMBER TWO: You just don’t gel. But honestly, there was too much gel in his hair.

Yes, well done. You have found a cake maker with a body of work you adore! You text your friends, send them photos and are over the moon with excitement. Just like how my friend sends me photos of her next date and I comment on how he looks like he has, “kind eyes”. (LOL!). It’s time. You are at the restaurant. He has just arrived and things start off well. But as the night progresses you realise the only gel that’s happening, is in his hair.

It’s important that you form a relationship with your cake maker. This is the person who will be making the most important cake you will ever order. You need to feel confident that they will provide you with exactly what you want and you can rely on them to deliver when it’s needed. It’s ok if you just don’t feel it when you meet a prospective cake maker. You thank them for their time and move on with your search, for both love and cake.

PARALLEL NUMBER THREE: It’s time to delete the app, you’ve found the one.

He prefers sports that are restricted to a single evening and thinks hiking selfies are a waste of a good sleep in. Best yet, his hair is too perfect to ever require gel. Just like finding your dream boat, you have also found your cake maker. You have found the cake maker that you are happy with, you love their business style and you can’t wait for your guests to eat what you’ve lovingly picked out. It’s time to pay a deposit and check the cake off the list! Trust that feeling in your gut, it’s how you found your partner after all!

Finding your cake maker should be a big deal and your cake maker understands that you are making an important decision by picking them. Have all your concerns been met? If it’s important to you, have you tried the cake before you order it? I will let that fantastic dating comparison slide by… Do their cakes look stable, strong and level when they are stacked?  Have they worked with your other vendors before? If any of these are concerns for you, voice them! Your cake maker will be happy to answer them for you.

Enjoy this time, and have fun with the planning of your wedding! When else in your life are you encouraged to try eight different types of cake in one sitting?

The Launch Party Round Up

Wow! What a night and turn out! When I first started planning the launch party for A Darling Affair’s wedding vendors, I had no idea what the turn out would be like. But boy did our wedding industry show up. We had a packed room of the most enthusiastic wedding vendors, and so much fun was had making new friends and catching up with old ones. Thankyou so much to everyone who came along and also helped with the party.

Our party styling was just perfection thanks to Amey from The Perfect Party Co, beautiful table flowers by The Bella Bloom Co, our super fun photo booth by The Photo Booth Guys, signage by September Creative, an amazing cake from Hansel and Gretel Cakes and delicious grazing table and venue by The Brisbane Racing Club. Florido Weddings were there to capture the party and Emily Kaate Videography created an fun video which you will be able to view on our Facebook page.

To all the ADA vendors, thank you so much for coming along! I am here to support your business as you support me. Your success is our success. I’m exited to see ADA return to Brisbane bigger and better than ever and we can only do that with you. So thankyou so much for all your support, for the fair and for me, it all means so much.

To all the ADA Brides, South East Queensland has a unique wedding vibe. Our weddings are relaxed, fun but filled with style; and that’s who we are! I am excited about making your wedding so much more easier and fun to plan with our bright and stylish fair. We have new ideas for his year and I am excited to begin bringing it all together.

Here’s to an exciting adventure together, we can’t wait to show you more in the coming months!

Save The Date | November 17 | A Darling Affair

Finally after months and months of planning, we can let the cat (or should we say balloon!) out of the bag. The date has been set, the countdown apps have been installed on our phones and we are so excited! All you need to do is lock this one into your calendar… the 17th of November at the Brisbane Racing Club.

We can’t wait to put on an amazing show for all of our engaged couples, so make sure you assemble your bridal squad so you can share in a wonderful day, planning your wedding at A Darling Affair. Fashion parades, food trucks, live music and more are all on the agenda, so this won’t be your average wedding fair… it will be one heck of a day!

Tickets will be available for purchase soon, but in the mean time, lock the date in on your calendar so that you can get prepped for the big day (well the second biggest to your own big day!). Make sure you follow along on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

We can’t wait to see you there!



How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Of All Time

For those who don’t know me, my name is Hayley, and I was invited to put together this blog post for you all today, not because of my work with Wholehearted Studio, but because I am a seasoned and experienced Bridesmaid.

Now… I don’t want to gloat, but I give Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses a run for her money. I have to date been a bridesmaid 6 times, styled 5 weddings for friends, not to mention I have been the friend that inherited all the sub-par wedding jobs that no one else wanted to do (like making sure the port-a-loo toilets were ‘safe’ for use. etc.) It was like I was destined for it really, because when I was little my Dad had a wedding horse and carriage business and my job was to be the little flower girl that put the step out for the brides. And make sure their dress didn’t land in horse manure.

So it is fair to say that I have been around the traps for a while and know what I am talking about when I tell you that I know for sure, how to be the best bridesmaid of all time. So for those of you recruiting bridesmaids, or who have already gone through the process and want to remind them how it is done… feel free to send this link on to them and brace yourself for the most efficient bridesmaids of all time. #wingwoman

Photography by Florido Weddings

TIP ONE – Remember the day is not about you. It could be likely that you will be wearing a dress, makeup or shoes that aren’t exactly your personal style. Suck it up princess, pick up your bridesmaid pearls and keep walking. Chant to yourself on repeat: “I am not the priority today”.

TIP TWO – Put your hand up early on and offer to help on a couple of jobs so that you can have first dibs at the ones you want and will enjoy. It will make for a way more enjoyable lead up to the day and give you the chance to enjoy some nights in front of Netflix doing craft, or planning the biggest hens in the history of mankind. Whatever you offer to do, do it heartily.

TIP THREE – Make BFF’s with every other bridesmaid. Even the high maintenance crazy ones if your bridal party has one of those. A fun bridal party has no place for tension or dysfunction… so make peace with everyone you can.  If you notice any tension arise, make it your job to be the peacemaker! And if each Bridesmaid does the same, you will be on your way to a ‘tension free’ wedding day. #squadgoals

TIP FOUR – Remember the wedding day is show time. Sure it might be the first time you’ve had your makeup done in ages, but it is not appropriate to spend the whole entire wedding getting new selfie profile pics for your Tinder profile. Get your good photo and then put the phone away. Help with veils, flowers and dresses as much as you can. Make the day as easy on the bride as possible.

TIP FIVE – If you are a single bridesmaid, don’t spend the whole lead up to the day Facebook stalking every single eligible bachelor that is going to be in attendance at the wedding. Chances are he’s going to have a secret girlfriend that isn’t Facebook official anyway. Instead, spend your spare time planning for amazing and thoughtful times with your Bride-To-Be girlfriend.

And there you have it! A complete recipe for how to be the best bridesmaid of all time.



Five Wedding and Event Vendors You Need To Know

When you start planning your wedding and dive in to the seemingly endless selection of beautiful photos on Pinterest, it can be hard to then find those similar, cool kid vendors in your own local area. Putting on a good looking wedding is no small feat, but today we have made it nice and easy for you, by choosing out five amazing wedding vendors you need to know to get your wedding looking every bit Pinterest worthy.


1. The Perfect Party Co

The Perfect Party Co is well known for their styling of creative weddings and events. For small and large events, they can do as much or as little as you need for any budget. They can do it all from the planning of your wedding, styling it and even do your flowers if you need. The best part is they have a sister company called Out Of The Dark Event Lighting, to look after all your event lighting needs.


2. CL Weddings and Events

CL Weddings and Events have been managing and planning events for over 15 years. Founding director Carly Baum has an eye for classic and beautiful wedding styling, looking after brides and grooms both near and far. They have an A list of private properties they use, so you’ll know your wedding will be both unique and exclusive.

3. Gathering Events

We’ve all fallen in love with those Caravan Bars… they are the perfect fun addition to any wedding reception. Gathering Events have a variety of pop up bars available to help get your wedding guests into the partying mood. Cute vans, coffee carts and whisky tastings are all on offer for your wedding day.

4. Sacred Wilde

Sacred Wilde is a new styling company based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. With a passion for pretty things and stylish events, this event styling company has got some very pin-worthy weddings and events within their folio! With planning, on the day coordination and styling services all on offer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your day is all looked after.


5. The Events Co

The Events Co are your go to planners and stylists for all things boutique design, creative projects and visual feasts! With a passion for creating beautiful spaces, Amy O’Hara and her team work with you to design the wedding styling of your dreams. How beautiful is this lush wedding?

Meet the new owner of A Darling Affair

For those of you who have been involved with A Darling Affair, my face would be a familiar one to you. Since the early days helping out with A Darling Affair many years ago and running my own bridal beauty business The Beauty Case, it is my greatest honour to be now taking over the reins here at A Darling Affair HQ and it feels so good to finally tell you all! 

From the very beginning I have been this beautiful events number one fan. I have loved it. I have loved the new friends made, the showcasing of amazing vendors and more importantly, helping Brides and Groom’s in South East Queensland find their very own wedding dream team. 

I’m so looking forward to having a wonderful fair in November at The Brisbane Racing Club and putting on a stylish event for all of you to enjoy and be inspired by. This one will be bringing some new offerings to the table, full of your favourite vendors! On that note… if you are a vendor, you will want to get in quick as some of our vendor categories are already filling up! 

Stay tuned as we launch our BIGGEST event ever, and join in for the ride! Don’t forget to check in here for our weekly blog and follow along on INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK and PINTEREST