Small Creations

Jemma from Cupcaix Cakes is here to chat about her delightful small creations, CUPCAKES!

“I’m the cake artist/designer/everything girl behind Cupcaix Cakes!

One of the big focal points of your wedding reception is the cake. It sits proudly on its own table all night while guest ooh and ahh over it, take photos and lick their lips in anticipation!

If you haven’t already decided on your cake, let me help you. Think of cupcakes and cakes like you think of fashion. There are trends that come and go and there are your classics. I like to take inspiration from fashion and fabrics when designing what I like to call “cupcake collections”

peach cupcaixThese days we have so many tools, moulds, impression mats, and cutters that we can virtually copy anything and incorporate it into your big day. Beautiful aspects of your dress such as lace, pearls, ruffles and bows can be matched to your cake and the best part is it’s all edible! You pay thousands for a gorgeous dress, but can you eat it? (ha!)

blue bow cupcaix

There are so many reasons why cupcakes are a great choice:

  • Guests can serve themselves – meaning there is no plating up at the venue which can cost around $2 per head, then no wastage from the uneaten or half eaten plates.
  • They’re neat, clean and easy to take home. You can even use cupcakes as your bonboniere in cute little boxes personalised for each guest.
  • Every guest gets an even portion – no fighting over the big piece!
  • You can order exact numbers for the number of guests attending – no leftovers to have to take home at the end of the night
  • You can still have a small cutting cake atop your tower of cupcakes, for those couples who still want the traditional ‘cutting of the cake’
  • You can mix and match designs to create your own cupcake collection.
  • We can supply you with a number of different flavours, and stuff your cupcakes with yummy treats like berries, lemon curd or whatever takes your fancy!
  • It makes it easier to cater to the dietary needs of guests as we can do a gluten/ dairy free batch for you at no extra cost
  • Super easy to transport and set up for those out of the way type weddings. I did a wedding cake to go to Stradbroke Island a few weeks back and the bride told me it was a nerve wracking bumpy ferry ride over, with a 3 tier cake on her lap! Cupcakes can be boxed up and securely transported without worry.
  • You can match your cupcakes to a tiered cake, macarons, cookies, cake pops and make a lovely dessert buffet that will wow your guests!

black and white cupcaixOur small creations from Cupcaix are guaranteed to wow your guests and we deliver from Byron Bay to Brisbane and out to Toowoomba. Not only will they look amazing, but the flavour will wow them all!

We make everything from scratch with quality ingredients. Choose your cake, fill it with yummies, top it with rich chocolate ganache and fondant that actually tastes nice, and voila!”

tiered cupcaixJemma from Cupcaix cakes will have her cakes and cupcakes on display at The Gold Coast Wedding Fair and she will have plenty of time for a chat about plans for your big day!

Go ahead and buy your tickets today:

All that GLITTERS is GOLD…

So, we have a not-so-secret obsession with GOLD at darling HQ. Carrie & I love glittery gold, shiny gold, antique gold, paint-dipped gold….yes we love gold.

We are not alone in our love, gold currently features in many a wedding colour palette. Paired against pastels or brights, gold is incredibly versatile and really lifts the overall visual effect of your table setting or stationery. Gold is not only a feast for your eyes, but for the tastebuds as well, working its way into cake artistry and sweet tables. It has also been a favourite to add a touch of warmth and glow to your bridal makeup, and an added touch of glamour to your bridal accessories.

Speaking of gold…it’s less than a month until our GOLD COAST WEDDING FAIR! June 22nd at The Abbey, Cobaki. Be sure to grab your tickets before online ticketing closes on June 15th to bring a friend for free!

See you then!

Em xxx

Cake Glorious Cake!

Today we are lucky to have Rebel from Rebellyous Cake Co as guest blogger today to continue with our “The Sweet Things in Life” theme for the month of May.

Here she is to help you with all there is to know about decorating your cake:

“The wedding cake is one of the main focal points of the reception and should be both pleasing to the eye and mouth. So many options are available when it comes to YOUR cake, here are just a few things to consider:

The Outside

Fondant was once thought of as that “thick sweet icing” on a wedding cake. it can be now applied in a thin layer and is VERY versatile. Amazing effects can be created using fondant which can take on a fabric like texture – such as frills which are very popular right now.

image 1 rebel image 2 rebelimage 3 rebelThe Colour

Traditionally wedding cakes were only white or ivory in colour and whilst these options will always remain classical, more and more colour is making it’s way onto the cake. Don’t be afraid to use colour, it is a fantastic way to tie in the other elements of your wedding from the invitation through to the flowers and beyond.

image 4 rebel image 5 rebel image 6 rebelThe Design

Tiered wedding cakes no longer need to have matching layers. Stacking tiers of varying heights creates a modern, alternative look.

Flowers are always stylish and are an age old tradition when it comes to being on wedding cakes. Blooms will never lose their appeal. Almost all wedding cakes will have some tyoe of flower decoration whether they be real or handmade sugar flowers.

With themed weddings becoming more and more popular it is very easy to include your cake in the theme – everything from boho and vintage right through to steam punk.”

image 7 rebel image 8 rebel image 9 rebel image 10 rebel

Rebel kindly leaves us with a “Did you know?”…..

“The wedding night dream tradition – Single women traditionally have brought home a piece of wedding cake from a wedding they have attended and slept with it under their pillow. Folklore has it that the woman will dream bout the man she will marry.”

Rebel wishes you all sweet dreams! xxx

Photo credits: KISSstudio, Byron Loves Fawn Photography, Down Bangalow Road, Enigma Visions Photography.

Beautiful Blooms

Let me tell you a story about me – Carrie.

I love flowers! As a young girl i used to explore my grandma’s wild overgrown garden. I loved watching the seasons change in her garden. I remember putting together little bouquets and pretending that i was getting married. I was in my own little world whilst my brothers were bashing through the scrub and climbing trees.

I shared my love of flowers with my husband to be and we hit the flower markets the day before our wedding and his eyes lit up with the variety of flowers that were on display. It was a cold wet Sydney morning but i loved that his eyes were opened to a whole new world of beauty.

The last stop was back at my Grandma’s garden to add the sentimental touches to my bouquet. This was the day i dreamt off as a little girl.

alex & carrie kissAs seasons change so do the style of bouquets. My bouquet mean’t something to me so make sure you convey that to your florist. Create something beautiful that reflects YOU, where you came from and your surroundings.

Here are some images from some talented florists who will be at both our wedding fairs.

julia rose bouquet blossom & twine willow bud willow bud white blossom & twine purpleginger lily and rosetwig & blossomCome see these beautiful ladies and their beautiful blooms at our wedding fairs.

Gold Coast Wedding Fair – June 22nd: Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose, Blossom & Twine.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair – August 10th: Willow Bud, Ginger Lily & Rose Floral Studio, Twig & Blossom

Wedding Flowers by Julia Rose will be collaborating her wonderful skills with Fresh Honey Weddings to style the Gold Coast Wedding Fair. Surely a sight not to be missed!

Buy your tickets here:

Photo credits: Boots Photography, Kirra Sun Photography, This is Peculiar, Brit Emma Photography

Mouth Watering Wedding Favours

Anna from Anna’s Perfect Partie’s has our mouths watering so bad right now and here’s why:

“Creating that perfect wedding favour is such an important way to end such a magical occasion, they should compliment the theme of your wedding and leave your guests with a beautiful memory. This can be quite challenging and time consuming. You want them to be personal yet fun and unique .

I just love edible favors at weddings. Gone are the days of the almonds!

My cakes in a jar add that perfect touch to your wedding whether you include them on your dessert bar or display them separately as your guests leave. Cakes in a jar add that cute factor and create a real talking point amongst your guests.

You can choose to add a small tag to each jar with a personal message encrypted. A sweet ribbon, twine and a small wooden spoon adds that finishing touch .


Eton Mess in a Jar


Lemon Curd Cheesecake in a Jar


Banoffee in a Jar

More couples are now opting for a cocktail wedding as opposed to a larger seated reception. Having a cake in a jar is a perfect accompaniment as your guest can be standing while enjoying their dessert. There is no mess and every portion is controlled so nobody misses out!

The biggest decision you will have is choosing what cake flavour to give your guests. You can choose a cheesecake to a layered sponge. I can create something gorgeous and delicious that will tie in with your wedding theme whether it be vintage or contemporary. Be original and give your guests something amazing to take away with them from your special day”.

Anna will be at the Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair August 10th.

We hope to see you there x


I appreciate the little things in life. The little things that spark a memory and creates a feeling. A smell, a written word, an object.

I love that objects are a sign of affection between a husband and wife or makes you think of one another when you are not together through out the day.

They are also a great keepsakes for you to hand down from generation to generation.

Here are a collection of sentimental items from real brides and grooms.

perfumewooden heartyou & me

wedding tree





Images: Figtree Pictures Wedding Photography, Boots Photography, KissStudio, Alyce & Colette

Meet all these talented photographers at The Gold Coast Wedding Fair June 22nd so they can help you capture those sentimental moments and tell your unique story through photos.

Buy your tickets here:

You have arrived at the Sweet Station!

Nicky, the gorgeous creator behind Sweet Details, speaks about using furniture and props at your sweet station. Lets get into the finer details:

“One of the most effective ways to take your dessert table or candy buffet from simply being sweets on a table to conveying the theme of your wedding or telling a story is to use props and interesting pieces of furniture.

Op shops, ‘trash and treasure’ markets, vintage shops or ebay are an abundant treasure trove when it comes to finding unique pieces.


Don’t be restricted to a standard trestle table – there are so many other options to choose from. Think buffets, vintage chairs, drawer units, wine barrels, stools. Use multiple pieces to create interest and height.

If you are using a table, look for unique shapes, textures or finishes to work with your theme.




Remember to keep a good balance between the sweets on your table and don’t go overboard with display pieces. Try and think outside the box!

Use cute fabric or branches to use as table runners. Add height by using old suitcases, wooden crates, tree stumps or small stools on the table. Wooden ladders are a great eye catcher and look great displaying sweets.



Add the personal touch by using blackboards with a message. Your favourite flowers or fruit in wooden boxes or jars to add pops of colour.




Backdrops are the best way to make a real feature for you table and give it impact to further enhance your theme.

Ideas include: printed backdrops, old wooden doors and windows, blackboards, paper pom poms, ribbons, hanging flowers in jars, kraft wrapping paper or interesting fabric.

The possibilities are endless so use your imagination!




The best way to make your table really unique is to do some DIY!

Head to your local hardware store or craft shop and make your own props. Buntings in different shapes and materials look great and are so easy to make. Have a look for interesting trims such as tassles, string, ribbon, lace, buttons etc. Why not personalise your table by pegging photo’s onto a string to use as bunting?

Handmade paper items always look great and add a personal touch to your display. I have handmade rosettes using paper and pages from and old book.


In conclusion once you have a basic idea of the look you want to achieve, keep your eye out where ever you go. Sometimes pieces you wouldn’t normally look at for your home may be perfect props for your table. Try and see past the intended use for an item and be open to doing a bit of DIY.

The trick is finding the balance between using furniture and props and keeping it looking inviting to your guests. If you get this right you will have a table that is a fabulous feature at your wedding that will keep your guests talking.

Have a sweet day!

Nicky xxx

Most images are Sweet Details creations with a few Pinterest finds:

Face Off – Veil versus Wreath

Veil Versus Wreath

When planning my wedding, I made a firm decision – NO VEIL. Well, fairly firm, sort of firm….okay hubby wanted a veil so I folded and ended up with a veil. His reasoning was that you’re not really a bride without a veil, and I was in love, so in the end I didn’t really care either way.

Me 2007 3

So many things have changed since 2007 in wedding industry trends, one is the departure from a traditional veil.

Floral wreaths in particular have taken the bridal scene by force – and I LOVE it. They are so care-free and whimsical, and yet sometimes so incredibly lavish and indulgent. There’s barely a bridal shoot without a wreath, and some may wonder – is the veil done and dusted? Enter the stunning vintage style, full-length veils that are now re-emerging. With delicate vintage lace and embroidered details, and stunning capped styles – veils are far from outdated.

So what do you think? Veil versus Wreath? My vote, wreath…yes, if I could go back I would walk down the aisle with a crown of flowers.

Or maybe you would choose a different style of head piece altogether. Choices…choices….

Em xx

Photographers: James Frost, Dear & Tine, Emily Louise, Florido Weddings

It’s a nice day for a WHITE sponsor!


So we’ve been sitting on some exciting news for a little while now…and we can’t hold it in any longer, A Darling Affair is now sponsored by  white Magazine! We LOVE white and here’s why…

White has heart – inspiring, encouraging, challenging and bringing back the meaning of true love since 2007. They love LOVE as much as we do. Creating a personal connection with each and every reader and not only helping couples plan their dream wedding day, but inspiring them to have the most successful & love-filled relationship. White isn’t just Pinterest on paper like other wedding mags; it’s filled with awesome and engaging editorial from experts in every field – as well as the pretty pictorial inspiration our readers love. They’re for girls, guys, families, photographers and industry professionals.

It is this tight alignment with what we aim to do with our events that makes white the perfect  sponsor for our events. The white cover and website have recently undergone some lovely changes and a bit of a spruce up with some new design. Included in their new and improved website is their upcoming vendor directory – set to launch in a few days – which is 100% FREE to list your wedding business in. Doing it for the “little-guy”, giving fresh new businesses a leg-up – so many things to love about white.

White is fast defining the fashion of contemporary Australian weddings, and its pages are filled with delicious images for all to indulge in. A few boxes of this stunning magazine are headed our way for us to share with the guests at our Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Fair as well! In the meantime, here’s a peek at the latest issue…

1 Natures Backyard (2)1 penny & daniel (1)2 angie & sam (1)5 heart of the land (5)5 heart of the land (6)11 crafternoon (1)4 how does your garden grow