The snow fell upon our high tea…

For the Month of May on the blog we are celebrating the “Sweet things in life”

Nakita from Jhar Binx and Zave Cake Artistry is inspired by flowers and her love of cooking to bring to the table what she knows to be “sweet”:

“Baby’s breath is known to be the cheap filler flower for old fashion bouquets, well not anymore.

Beauty can come from many places and to me this fine spray of snow inspired flakes is absolutely beautiful and should not be forgotten, in fact should be utterly embraced as a sprinkling of vintage beauty either adorning your tabletops in lavish sprays or being walked down the isle of a garden wedding or just sitting on the kitchen window sill in all its sweetness.

We have been using bunches of these white soft specs on our high tea tables and I must say it has out done the rose as one of my favourite flowers.

Baby’s breath for us has added a soft vintage touch to our High tea décor and a little bit of something unique.

Remember that sometimes the most insignificant things can be the loveliest of all.

Happy caking baking and creating!” – Kita xx



Nakita has so kindly shared a little treat for you from her own kitchen:



500grams Caster Sugar

2 Tablespoons Liquid Glucose

2 Tablespoons Gelatine Powder

2 Egg Whites

2 Teaspoons of Vanilla

2 Cups of Desiccated Coconut

Grease and line a 18cm x 25cm x 4cm lamington pan. Combine the caster sugar, liquid glucose and 200ml water in a saucepan over low heat, stirring, until the sugar dissolves. Bring to the boil and cook over medium heat for about 3-5 minutes until a sugar thermometer reaches 120°C.

Place 200ml cold water in a small bowl. Sprinkle over the powdered gelatine, and then stand for 10 minutes. Place the bowl in a saucepan of simmering water and stir until completely clear. Stir the gelatine mixture into the sugar syrup.

Beat egg whites with electric beaters until stiff peaks form. Continue to beat while you gradually add the sugar syrup, and then beat for a further 10 minutes until mixture thickens and becomes glossy. Fold in the vanilla and pour the mixture into the pan. Chill for 1 hour until firm.

Cut the Marshmallow into Squares, the easiest way to do this is to run your knife under hot water, wipe of quickly on a tea towel and cut each line with the knife still hot but not wet.

Take each square out and roll in coconut


Chalkboarding – Not just for kids

I always loved chalking up the driveway as a kid. I still occassionally write a love message or a ‘welcome home’ to my husband just outside our front door.

It’s envokes a personal touch to me. The handwritten, raw, rustic and the stroke of an artists hand.

So chalkboarding has made it onto the tables at weddings and it has become an art form for the talented person who can master the dusty lines.

Chalkboards are great because you can use it again and again after your big day for party’s and shin digs. A great investment.

Enjoy the simple black and white!

Carrie xx

find your seat


find your seat heart boards

pick a seat



Credits: Boots Photography, Fresh Honey Wedding Styling, Figtree Pictures Wedding Photography, Senna Jean Designs, Down Bangalow Road Photography.

Finding our place in the Gold Coast scene with our new Sponsor – The Village Markets

We are pleased to welcome our newest sponsor The Village Markets. We love everything about this local stomping ground for all things Fashion, Arts & Creative on the Gold Coast.

The crowd it draws is design savvy and sassy, and we love trawling through their style snaps (taking mental notes for our own fashion inspiration). The markets are the local go-to for fresh designers and businesses from the region to showcase their talents and wares; the first boutique, creative market to grace the Gold Coast region.

We love everything about these markets, especially the co-founders Sarah & Marissa. This fabulously clever and stylish duo saw a gap in the local community and not only filled it, but flooded the nation, receiving attention from all directions for the market’s innovation and inspiration in fashion and design.

We are so pleased to have their support for our event, as we too try to fill a gap in the Gold Coast region by way of our more creative wedding fair; similarly inspired by all things vintage, bespoke, designer and alternate.

Tickets for our Fair are now available online. Much like The Village Markets we aim to inspire by presenting the most creative and up-coming wedding and event designers and professionals the region has to offer. Buy your ticket online and you can bring your groom/bestie for FREE.

Shimmering Light

Today’s feature in this month’s “Lovely Light” series is a makeup tutorial courtesy of the talented Natalie Hunter – MUA. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to recreate this lovely sunkissed, shimmery-eye and shiny-lip look for yourself.simone

Base:  MAC Studio sculpt buffed into the skin with a real techniques buffing brush, Powered with a loose powder such as Napoleon translucent.

Cheeks:  Nars Laguna Bronzer in the cheek contours with Napoleon Bronzer for colour on the apple of the cheeks. A light shimmery highlight on top of the cheek bone, with Napoleon shimmer dust in number 37.

Eyes:  Start with a base of Napoleons shimmer dust in No 37 all over the eyelid, right up to the brow bone.

In the crease (socket) of the eye, with a dome shadow brush, add, Ben Nye medium brown Matte eye shadow, focusing mainly on the outter corner of the eye. Blend to soften any harsh lines with a MAC 217 brush….my favourite brush in the WHOLE world.

Line the upper and lower lash line with MAC eye kohl pencil in smoulder. Smudge with an angled brush to create a soft smokey line.

Coat the lashes with Maybelline’s The Falsies, top and bottom.

Brows: With a real techniques brow brush and a light brown shadow, fill in and shape the brows to suit the face shape.

LIPS:  The key to this lip is to gain as much shine as possible. I used a clear MAC Dazzleglass lip gloss and added a touch of Napoleons No 37 for that extreme shimmer highlight……

Your look is complete! ENJOY and have fun recreating this.

Thanks Nat! You’ll be able to see some more of Natalie’s work in an upcoming styled shoot previewing a number of our lovely vendors from our Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair, taking place at the Chapel Woombye on August 10th.

Cosmetic Images sourced online

Tutorial Photograph by Andrea Sproxton

Things we love – Pretty Paper Awash with Colour

I have not-so-secret obsession with paper. All kinds, all colours, all textures, all patterns – LOVE them ALL. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before I shared my favourite trends in wedding stationery. There are four design elements that I am digging right now:

1. Watercolour

2. Caligraphy

3. Pinks

5. Yellows

And here are some of my favourite stationery suites to tickle your fancy, each with some or all of these key elements.

You’ll be able to see some of this stationery in person at our Gold Coast Wedding Fair on June 22nd. We will be joined by both Sunshine & Confetti and With Love Stationery & Design.

You’re starting to develop a little paper obsession too aren’t you? It’s okay, your secret is safe with me….I’ll be satisfying your paper crave again soon – don’t you worry.

Em xx

Know your light

Chaddy, of Dear & Tine Photography, shares her knowledge and artful management of light in today’s edition of this month’s “Lovely Light” series.

We are fortunate to have Chaddy as our official photographer for our upcoming Gold & Sunshine Coast Wedding fairs.

Here is what Chaddy had to offer on knowing your light…

Know your light

Lighting is a powerful element which sets moods; it can be dramatic or it can be subtle. A professional wedding photographer should know how to master light whether it be artifical or natural. An experienced photographer will be able to work with whatever lighting situation they’ve been given on your wedding day. However, in order to optimise conditions for your wedding photos, it’s a great idea to think about how light works to create different moods and effects.

Scheduling for portraits

As a general rule, it’s also best to avoid the harsh mid-day sun as this often creates challenges with shadows and overexposed features. When the sun is directly overhead, it causes harsh and unwanted highlights on the skin. You’ll also find that it is extremely difficult and uncomfortable to keep your eyes open for photographs during this time. However, with that said, a creative photographer is able to utilise shadows to to their advantage to create different dimensions.


The Golden Hour

Most photographers prefer to shoot sixty minutes prior to sunset. This is called the Golden Hour. As the sun starts to set, the natural light is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere and becomes softer with a golden warmth to it, which helps to set a more romantic mood to your photographs.

As there is limited natural lighting for outdoor photography, before booking in your ceremony time slot, it’s a great idea to discuss with your photographer how much time they would need for your wedding day portraits. From there, you can work backwards to find out what time sunset is and schedule in your ceremony to allow for enough time for your photographer to work. From my experience, this can vary from wedding to wedding; depending on the size of the bridal party and the location of the ceremony, locations and reception. As a guide, I would usually allow 30 minutes for family portraits after the ceremony, and 1 hour plus travel for bridal party portraits.

Michelle Grooby & Mark Horton_Exported_ (256)-2CHAD9368-2

Lighting up pitch black 

However, some of my favourite photographs have been taken where no natural light has been available. There are many ways to think outside the square by using artifical light to create a dramatic mood.

20120324223922_Leonie & Guy (1)-220120526_233812630_Alison & Adrian

You can see more of Chaddy’s work across our website and Facebook Page in our Gold Coast Fair promotional images. You can meet her in person at our Gold Coast Fair on June 22nd. Tickets are now on sale (buy one and bring your bestie for free!).

Things We Love – Pull up a chair…

fresh honey loungeOK so I’m just going to put it out there….I’m not a big fan of chair covers and big bows.

I personally haven’t had the opportunity to sit on one at a wedding (not that I can remember). Just by looking at them I think “Oh my gosh I would probably slip off that silky chair cover or spill a liquid of some sorts on it”.

A lovely chair is a great crowd gatherer. Make your guests comfortable.They will be sitting on that chair through your Aunty Jo’s long speech!

If your the bride and groom don’t forget to spoil yourself with the “royal” chairs. You are the king and queen of a wedding day. Live it up!

So sit back and relax in your chair and take a look at these:





peacock chairs



For more seating inspiration click here: Pull up a Chair

Have a lovely day! I’m off to find a comfy chair to sink into…

Carrie x

Styling: Fresh Honey & The Red Cherry Styling Co.

Photography: Dear & Tine Angie Branch Photography, Down Bangalow Road, Greg Mace Photographer, Alyce & Collette

Things we love – Fanciful Feathers

Feather on Ground text

There’s a strong boho-vibe in the wedding industry at present and along with that we’ve noticed an emergence of feathery details. I’ve always had a “thing” for feathers; I would often be found sketching feathers in my notebooks when I should have been taking notes. There is just something so whimsical about their delicate, floaty nature; something so day-dreamy about them – it’s easy to get carried away. Maybe it’s that dreaminess that makes them such a welcomed addition to a wedding celebration.

Kicking off with stationery, add that extra detail and texture with a feather – much like these designs from Gemma Lauren InvitationsGemma Lauren Invitation

[Photo by Anna Gilbert Photography]

Or create a more dramatic bouquet by incorporating some stunning plumes…Feather Bouqet

[Bouquet by Lavish Floral Design, Photography By Dear & Tine]

Add some finer details to your centrepieces by placing feathers in vases,

Feathers in vase

[Styling by Fresh Honey Weddings, Photography by Dear & Tine]

Or take the boho-vibe that step further with some dream-catchers…Alyce and Collette Dreamcatcher

[Styling by Cherry Red Styling Co., Photography by Alyce & Colette]

I absolutely adore the boho-luxe golden feather embellishments on this cake by Rebellyous Cake Co.Rebellyous Cake Co

[Photography by Down Bangalow Road]

And last but certainly not least, by way of Bridal accessories ask your florist to incorporate feathers in your floral wreath…Lavish - head piece

[Wreath by Lavish Floral Design, Photography by Dear & Tine]

Or absolutely indulge your fancy for feathers with this stunning “Maine” head piece, created by Heidi of Shut the Front Door.maine - shut the front door head piece

[Photography by Karen Buckle]

All these feathers are leaving me little light headed, and certainly light hearted! I hope they’ve lifted your spirits and send you floating away with some inspiration for you big day.

Emily xxx

Let there be Light!

Elissa, from Fresh Honey, lights the way in the first edition of this months “Lovely Light” series.

Elissa is one of our beautifully talented sponsors for A Darling Affairs – Gold Coast Wedding Fair.

Here are a few of her thoughts on styling with light…

“Lighting is one of the most effective tools you have in your styling arsenal when it comes to setting the theme, tone and mood of your wedding day. With a little thought and planning, the right lighting choices will complete the look and feel of your special day, imbuing it with elegance, glamour and style. Ignore its importance or handle it clumsily, and you risk your wedding lacking the ambience, romance and magic it deserves!

So let’s kick this blog post off with a few of my all-time favourite ways of bringing light, illumination and style to weddings.

Candles, candles, candles

Never underestimate the impact a humble candle can create, especially when used en masse! Candlelight is soft, romantic and spiritual, making it perfect for weddings. If you are on a tight budget, make good use of candles as they create an amazing atmosphere at a very small cost.

The other wonderful thing about candles (which is also a money saver!) is the way in which they double as a décor item that you can style in a myriad of ways. Clustered in jars, dripping from candelabras, glowing inside paper bag luminaries or floating in water with delicate blooms, candles are a fail-proof lighting option for weddings. Did someone say romance?

paper bag lightstable setting lightschapel lights

Fairy Lights

Delicate strands of fairy lights are ‘oh, so enchanting’, creating an allure that is almost impossible to top in my opinion! When strung up against the roof of a marquee or hall, wrapped around a tree or incorporated into your décor in another way, fairy lights are a magically captivating way to play with lighting.

steven michael photography

fairy light love tree

fairy light chandelier

Cafe Lighting

Cafe lighting has taken the wedding industry by storm in the last few years, lending an industrial edge which is at once both vintage and modern. I love this type of lighting at weddings, as it’s so whimsical and fun, yet still quite rustic. It looks fantastic both inside and out, and works really well when combined with other décor elements, such as lanterns, chandeliers or fairy lights.

pom poms and bulbs

bulbs and lanterns

under the bulb dancingLighting: Byron Audio

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are always a very popular choice when it comes to wedding lighting. Whether strung individually, between poles or in colourful clusters with fluffy pom-poms for extra impact – it’s hard to go wrong with these pretties!

lanterns and flowersDown-Bangalow-Road-weddings062Image: Down Bangalow Road

ColourRoomImage: Byron Bay Bunting


Are you looking for elegance, glamour and a splash of drama? Cue the chandelier, or even better – multiple chandeliers! With their dripping crystal jewels and undeniable vintage charm, chandeliers evokes old-world glamour like nothing else. For added appeal or to really ‘up-the-ante’, mix it up with some fairy lights or naked industrial bulbs.

outdoor chandelierfresh honey chandelierImage: Fresh Honey Weddings

Lighting has the power to literally improve, enhance and transform every other element of your wedding, so taking the time to talk over your options with a lighting professional is a worthy investment. Your wedding planner or venue should be able to recommend a lighting company whom they know and trust, so be guided by this when deciding on which kind of lighting to incorporate into your wedding day. For more lighting inspiration visit my pinterest page “Let there be Light”

Image Sources: Unless otherwise stated all images have been sourced online and repined to my lighting board:”

Thanks Elissa xxx

Things We Love – Minty Freshness

“Things We Love” is all about what makes us excited at A Darling Affair.

We will be sharing loads of gorgeous images on colour palettes, themeing, styling, blooms, objects used in different ways, cool ideas that are out of the ordinary and basically inspiring you to understand your own individual style.

Minty Freshness!

I love mints! I love to eat them. Mint chocolate, mint lip gloss, peppermint scents, it goes on and on. I’m pretty addicted to it.

So it’s not surprising that I LOVE the colour Mint!

Mint is a soft pale green with a touch of blue. It can come across as  fresh and pretty, or icy and cool.


With our two Wedding Fair locations sharing a common theme being on the coast – Sunshine Coast & The Gold Coast – it’s safe to say that mint blends in with the freshness of the sea, as mint is sometimes referred to as ‘seafoam’.

So here is all the prettiness of the different shades of mint and how to style it!

wholehearted boatGorgeous mint props like vehicles – boats and cars – make for awesome back drops to you in the foreground.

Photography: Wholehearted Studio

mint kombiKombi: Woody’s Surf Car Hire …… Photography: Feather & Stone

alyce & colette mintMint is stunning teamed up with white, making it  fresh and crisp. A bridesmaid in mint will not drown you out as a bride but will help the centre of attention – YOU – to stand out.

Photography: Alyce & Colette

feather feetA must have for the beach wedding. No sand in these shoes and the mint feathers look soft and sweet. Grace Loves Lace‘s collection of “feather feet”

confetti & Sunshine BottlesAdd some old world charm to your table setting – tinted bottles.

Props: Sunshine & Confetti

gemma laurenAdd colours of pink and yellows to give it  pop!

Stationary: Gemma Lauren Invitations

mint skullAnd for something a little out of the ordinary – a mint skull styled next to a dainty tea cup. Surely a conversation piece amongst your guests.

Styling: Style Le Aisle

Hope you’ve enjoyed my colour LOVE – MINT!

I hope I’ve tickled your taste buds. Now off to find something minty to eat….nom nom nom!

Carrie xxx