Fresh Sponsor and Stylist for our Gold Coast Wedding Fair

We are pleased to announce that Elissa and Sarah of Fresh Honey will be joining us as a sponsor for our Gold Coast Fair and will be treating us to their talents in wedding design and styling as they work their magic on The Abbey for our event.

Elissa launched Fresh Honey this year, but has almost 10 years experience in the wedding industry. With an extensive collection of furniture and decorative items, and a flair for interior and graphic design – they take care of the lot, from place cards to chandeliers!

We are so excited to see what they create for us to share with you at our first Gold Coast event, here is a sneak peek of their past work to give you a taste of what they may have in store….

Vintage Invitations – Doily and Washi goodness with a side of tech savvy

Project: Vintage invitations

DIY Doer: Emily (and friends!)

So here’s a lovely simple little tutorial, that can be applied to a number of different projects. A good friend of mine is due with a little girl in a few months and we are throwing her a baby shower; so we got together and formed an old fashioned assembly line and pumped out these darling little invites in no time. They are very simple (which is key when you have quite a few to make!), and quite cute, and there are some good tricks and hints for me to share with you that will aid you with all of your invitation and card making projects.

What you need:

We used:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Paper Doilies (cut into four sections)
  • Washi Tape
  • Twine
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • A computer/printer (with Microsoft Word, and access to the web)

Step 1. Text Design and Printing

So two things you should know about me; #1 I am not a graphic designer (in case you haven’t already guessed as much), and #2 I have HORRIBLE handwriting. So luckily, to achieve this style you don’t need to write anything by hand (except for the name of the invitee), and you don’t need to be a graphic whiz. There are plenty of free printables out there, but often it is hard to find exactly what you want – so here are some tips on how you can do it yourself!

Microsoft Word and knowing how to insert word art into a document and format it are basically all that you need. Now Word will not have all of these lovely fonts – where do you find them and how do you use them you ask? Simple. Google free fonts (or free vintage fonts, or free calligraphy fonts – whatever your little heart desires). Find a font you want and download it (usually the site you find them on will have a simple download link or button). Find the font file (probably in your downloads folder), it will have the file extension ‘.ttf’ (the bit at the end of the file name). Double click on the file and once it opens look for a button or option to install the font on your machine. If Word is already open when you do this, you may have to shut it down and restart it before the font appears in your list. Done and Done.

The fonts used on this invitation are: “a song for jennifer”, “american typewriter”, “cedarville pnkfun1 cursive”, “some weatz swatches” and “gloucester MT extra condensed”.

As for the bunting, I simply Googled bunting clipart in Google Images, and once I found one I copy-and-pasted (and also recoloured it so it was plain black – Word has a recolour picture formatting function).

One last tip, if things aren’t staying put where you like them, set text wrapping to “in front of text”. Work with text boxes or word art rather than typing directly onto the page, that way it’s simple to click and drag around your text to position it.

DO print a test run of your invitation first (on scrap paper) to check for positioning, and typos.

Step 2. Cut, fold and Paste

The next step is to cut out your invitations, fold them into a card shape and begin decorating.

DON’T try to put glue on the whole doily. Focus on the centre (or the corner in this case – but the solid section) and the very edge – otherwise glue gets everywhere and stuck in all of the little cut-outs. If there is a glossy side of the doily flip it over and apply the glue to the matt side, it will stick better.

Step 3. Washi Time

Oh man I love washi tape. So simple to use, and sooooo pretty! Just cut and stick my friends. We did a simple stripe here, but you can cut into triangles for bunting, cross line over line for a wrapped present look; the possibilities are endless (search for washi on pinterest and enjoy). Everyone needs some washi in their craft kit.

Step 4. Personalise

Before we tie it up with the twine, you need to fill in the name section. Because of the contrasting fonts, even my horrible handwriting doesn’t come off too badly, it just fits right in as another font style.

Step 5. Tie it up

We agreed that the invitation needed a little something more for texture and a raised element, so we parcel tied the invite with a little natural twine.

Result: Success!

Difficulty: Simple crafting, some computing skills required.

The Celebration Fair!

Hello there darlings! We have another announcement for you…

Well, you know that we are lovers of all things celebratory, and our Wedding and Events fair in September had a lovely line up of vendors that cater to all special occasions – indeed “something for all occasions”. Coming into 2013, we are taking our love of weddings to two locations, and two lovely venues – but we felt we simply couldn’t fit our BIG love of a good ol’ party along side our wedding vendors in such lovely intimate venues.

So, at the beginning of October, we made a decision to take a leap and create an entirely new kind of an event – A Celebration Fair! Our celebration fair is dedicated entirely to all the party people out there! We have booked a BIG lovely venue – the Lake Kawana Community Centre, and we plan to have a BIG number of vendors, BIG entertainment, and a BIG crowd of party people to enjoy the day!

Did we mention it will be BIG???!!!!

We are so excited! So party people and party suppliers alike, SAVE THE DATE: March 16th 2013. Be there or be square.

What a fantastic way for A Darling Affair to kick of a new year!

Announcement: Style Le Aisle to sponsor and style our Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair

The fabulous sisters from Style Le Aisle have come leaps and bounds since they joined us very early in our darling journey. You would remember them from their perfectly styled ceremony setting for our fashion parade in September, and may have seen them since in a number of styled shoots and features articles. We are very pleased to announce that we will continue to work closely with these fabulous ladies as they join us as a sponsor! The Chapel Woombye will be dressed to impress as Scienta and Jacinta work their styling magic on the venue for our 2013 wedding fair. We’ll leave you with some of their spectacular work, and be sure to head to their website for even more inspiring images and to have them style your next special occasion.

Announcement: Venue booked for Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair 2013

Our Sunshine Coast Wedding Fair is heading to The Chapel Woombye on Saturday August 10th, 2013. We are so excited, it is such a darling venue and it’s only going to get lovelier leading up to our event.

Save the date folks, it’s going to be a splendid day! If you are a talented wedding professional we want to hear from you; so pop us an expression of interest via our enquiry page. We will be taking bookings shortly.

Announcement: New Sponsor and New Location!!!!

We’ve expressed our infatuation with the exquisite Grace Loves Lace before, but we’ll do it again – they are now our very first sponsor, and we are over the moon!

And as they are based on the Gold Coast…and the Gold Coast is yet to have an event like our own…A Darling Affair is coming to the Gold Coast in 2013!!!

We’ll be sharing some more details as to when and where in the near future – get excited! In the meantime, here is some more loveliness from the Grace Loves Lace collection. Head over to their website to see the abundance of prettiness in their full collection, it’s sure to make you smile.


Hessian printed table cloths – Inspired by Socially Circled

Project: Hessian Printed Table Cloth

From: Socially Circled

DIY Doer: Carrie

A month before our fair I was asked to do a table set-up/display for a women’s healthy eating day. It was about getting back to basics. I love simple things. So I love, love, loved being asked to do this.

I have a sewing machine but do not know how to sew (my mum was a fashion designer, one day we’ll sit down and she can teach me). So I found this lovely gem of a project! Cutting and printing. Just what I like…simple yet effective.

What you need: 

So, sourcing the products: Bunnings for the hessian (they sell it on big rolls with different weaves), and a newsagent or post office for the lettering stencil. Then grab your permanent marker and a pair of scissors.

I chopped up the stencil..not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing….to help with spacing. Then with my trusty marker went for it, the whole while with my mouth salivating.
mmmmm…cranberries, dark choc, almonds………..

Here is the finished product.

Some more lovely pictures from the day.

Result: Success!

Difficulty: Simple


A wrap up of our first event – Saturday the 8th of September, 2012.

It was late in the evening on Friday the 7th of September and despite spending the evening lifting, hanging, directing, arranging – and being entirely exhausted, we were both far too amped up to sleep…in a few hours it would be time to open the doors for our very first Wedding and Events Fair! We crossed our fingers and toes, hoping for all to go smoothly, and tried desperately to get a good night’s sleep.

As 10am rocked around the next morning the stalls were set, the beauty parlour was humming with activity and people were peering in through the windows at the amazing displays our wonderful vendors had pieced together. The doors opened and the fun began!

We had a line up of over 35 lovely local businesses showcasing their wares and services in the most spectacular vintage inspired displays. Each and every stall-holder had gone above and beyond and the venue looked amazing. The atmosphere was welcoming and inspiring, and the events that followed were full of fun and excitement. Prizes galore were given away through stall competitions, a piñata bash and a dance off (for those of you who missed it, Carrie well-and-truly busted a groove!).

DIY workshops buzzed as our patrons learned how to make tissue paper pom-poms and paper flowers. Darling patrons looked on as our Beauty Parlour professionals worked their magic on our stunning models. At 2.00pm our resident bag-piper heralded the commencement of our ceremony-style fashion parade. The parade topped off the day in the most spectacular way and, as the bouquet was tossed, we could not believe how well the event had come together.

As 3.00pm arrived, and the fair drew to a close, our feet ached but we could not wipe the smiles from our faces. We had welcomed over 250 gorgeous guests through our doors including brides- and grooms-to-be, bridesmaids, parents, children, mums-to-be, grandparents, DIY-ers, and vintage enthusiasts. Our stall holders assured us that they had all had a great day (and are already lining up again for next year!). In short, our first fair was a success, and we simply can’t wait to do it all again!

I could tell you more but as they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and we all know that’s what you’ve really been waiting for. So here are a few of the highlights of our darling affair…


Vendor Feature: Bella Hair Extensions

Some of you may not have discovered this little gem tucked away in our beauty parlour on the day of our event….Bella Hair Extensions is a fantastic business that imports and retails quality european hair extensions. I don’t know about you, but in my younger years, gearing up for my debutant ball, school formal and wedding all meant trying to grow out my hair for the must-have up-do. Of course too little too late was usually the case, and so the end result was usually not quite what I had hoped for, for some of the better upstyles need a lot of hair! If this seems all too familiar to you, Bella Hair Extensions are the answer to all of your length-challenged problems.

Courtesy of Velocity Images

Bella Hair Extensions: Short today, Long tomorrow!

Bella Hair Extensions are made of the Finest Quality 100% European Human Hair available on today’s market. It is our primary focus to ensure our clients are offered the best type of hair and the best method of hair extensions that will not compromise growth to natural hair but to enhance your natural growth whilst wearing your extensions.
Bella Hair Extensions will last up to 12months sometimes longer provided you take good care of your extensions and follow our hair care advise. With a vast choice of 11 gorgeous colours to choose from we can offer same day delivery for locals or packaged and sent off that day for other locations. We also have a hair extensions specialist available who will be able to attach your new AMAZING hair extensions for an additional cost.
Check out our website at for prices and more details or contact Alisha Kennedy on 0404252127.


Just a quick post before we pass out after a fantastic first event…

Thank you to all of our Darling Stallholders you are all so amazing! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Also thank you to all who attended, participated in our daily events, and made it a fabulous day – We love you all.

Please excuse us now while we take a little time out – we will return after a few days (possibly a week or two even). We will then be back in full force, sharing photos of our event and gearing up for our next one (yes that’s right, we’re going to go and do it all again!!!)

Carrie and Emily xx