Vendor Feature: Deluxe Kombi Service

Looking to travel in true retro style on your wedding day, or perhaps to make a statement on arrival to your school formal? Michael and Jennie of Deluxe Kombi Service have just the set of white-walled-wheels for you….

Cruise the Sunshine Coast in classic style in one of the most loved vehicles on our roads.

Deluxe Kombi Service offer a full chauffeured service in our licensed Limousine Kombi’s “Vintage Red a 1965 VW Samba” or “Something Blue a 1963 VW Samba” specialising in wedding events, special occasions and tours of the glorious Sunshine Coast.

We would love to offer your vintage inspired or traditional wedding some 1960’s style and as we all know Kombi’s are globally symbolic of surf culture and the perfect transport for your coastal affair.

Additionally the Kombi’s are available for hire as the back drop for vintage inspired on location photo shoots where the hire includes the use of our private collection of period items from eskys, suitcases, melamine table ware, kid’s scooters, record players and more.

Our beautifully restored Kombi’s easily outshine most with their universally adored looks and style. Nothing captures the spirit and nostalgia of a culture and era more than a Volkswagen Kombi.

Vendor Feature: Little Owl Events

Making your wedding or special event a real hoot!

Emma McGee, owner at Little Owl Events, is not your typical Wedding Planner.  Far from being over the top and in your face, Emma takes a more relaxed approach with her clients.  Any newly engaged couple could tell you how overwhelming it is trying to pull together one of the most important days in their lives.  Wedding suppliers can sometimes be a little pushy with their products and prices and will hound you until you sign on the dotted line.   Little Owl Events, new to the Sunshine Coast, tries to avoid this scene all together.  Emma is calm, friendly, approachable and honest.  There are no obligations, no conditions, no pre-set packages and no “in your face” behaviour.

Emma says…

“I wanted Little Owl Events to be everything a Bride and Groom need in the lead up to their big day.  They need someone with experience, someone who can provide good contacts, someone with fresh ideas, someone who takes the time to understand their style, someone good with budgets and someone determined to provide the best service possible.   I take the time to get to know my clients so that by the time the wedding rolls around we’ve also become friends.  Every wedding or event I manage is completely unique.   As I don’t offer any décor hire options, I haven’t pigeonholed myself in to one certain style.  I use a number of suppliers to create individual looks for each event.”

Planning weddings and events of all shapes and sizes for all areas of the Sunshine Coast, Little Owl Events should be your first call when you start to feel overwhelmed by all the options out there.

Emma will be offering free 10 minute power planning sessions for anyone who’d like to pop in and have a chat at our upcoming wedding and events fair on September 8th. Be sure to book your appointment with Emma!

Vendor Feature: Shut the Front Door

Here is a feature full of pretty, vintage, and one-of-a-kind loveliness. Heidi, of Shut the Front Door, designs and handcrafts gorgeous bridal adornments:

My passion is creating beautiful handmade hair pieces, bridal accessories and bespoke wedding fascinators, I love blending textures and mixing the old with the new to create something unique and memorable.

Whimsical handmade designs, blurring the boundary between past and present…drawing vintage styles gently into modern times.

Take a look for yourself…


Vendor Feature: Anna Gilbert Photography

The lovely Bek (left) and Anna (right)

Anna and Bek of Anna Gilbert Photography have been offering personalised wedding coverage for over ten years between the Gold and Sunshine Coast. They are guaranteed to be there for every important detail of your day – the pride in your parents eyes, the perfect shoes you spent months looking for, his grandfathers cufflinks, the first glance, the tears, sunkissed smiles and stolen kisses.

Their coverage style is dreamy, caught-in-the-moment, clean and simple but inspired imagery. They specialise in creating a relaxed atmosphere on your day and inciting fun and laughter! They capture it all to keep the memory of your wedding day alive for many, many years to come.

Vendor Feature: Kathy Young, The Sunshine Coast Wedding Celebrant

Telling your love story sounds simple in concept, but often the reality of putting “those vows”, “those words” to paper can be more challenging that you realise. The truth is that loving each other in a way that is hard to describe in words, is sometimes just that, hard to describe in words!

Finding a celebrant who can turn your words into a wedding ceremony as individually beautiful as your story, is as important as finding the dress that just fits in that beautiful, seamless, meant to be kind of way.

Kathy Young, the Sunshine Coast Celebrant is known for being more than “just a wedding celebrant”, she is a teller of love stories. Here is a little of the story behind the teller, and also some great gems of advice for new brides-to-be.

Kathy Young: A unique celebrant for a unique ceremony

A few years ago, one of my daughters was planning for her wedding. When she met with a celebrant she was presented with a choice between three generic wedding ceremonies. I was amazed by the idea that there were only three ways to describe the kind of love they were feeling. Becoming a celebrant was something I had always wanted to do and, right at that moment, I thought why not do it now, and why not do it in my own way?

Fast forwarding to the current day, the way that I do things is very different to what was presented to my daughter 5 years ago. I see my role, not only as the celebrant on the day, but to uncover the story behind the couple to build a ceremony that is uniquely them.

There is something so very beautiful about putting together the words that will forever bind the couple as husband and wife. For me it’s really important that the building of a ceremony is a natural and organic process born of conversation and connection; not of preconceived ideas of what a wedding ceremony should be. The ceremony needs to be as individual as the couple that it represents.

I adore working with couples that are open to ideas, creative  and have a genuine desire not just for a big event but more to just simply be married to their best friends.  I am constantly amazed that this is “my job”. Meeting loved up couples, having amazing conversation and witnessing the most beautiful days.

When planning your big day, my advice is:

  1. Find a celebrant who you genuinely connect with. The more comfortable you are with them, the more of yourself you will feel comfortable sharing to build your story into your vows.
  2. Be true to yourselves. Don’t be constrained by what you think a wedding ceremony ‘should’ look like, make sure it authentically represents who you are.
  3. Simplicity is beautiful. We often make the mistake of forgetting that sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. One of my favourite ceremonies to date was when I married my nephew and his bride in beautiful Victoria. My nephew promised his new bride that he would buy her a puppy and pretend not to notice how many shoes she brought; she promised to always let him watch the AFL when his team was playing.
  4. Feel free to add some humour. Who doesn’t want a giggle on the happiest day of their lives?
  5. It’s about a love and a promise. Above all, if you end up married to the one you love at the end of the day, then everything went exactly to plan

Vendor Feature: I Do Wedding Tea Towels

I Do Wedding Tea Towels was born out of a serious case of one-upmanship. In their desperate desire to out do each other, Kate and Leesa eventually threw down their guns and collaborated talents. Both serious tea towel devotees, Kate and Leesa are on the same journey – “to change the world one tea towel at a time.” Wedding invitations printed on tea towels? We love it!

Each of these lovely ladies has an alternate business identity. Leesa owns and operates the fabulous Lamington (the funky little gift shop where you can find our tickets on sale) in Noosa Heads. Kate is the talent behind Wallallure (wall decals) and My Wooden Heart (designer tea towels of course).

Like ourselves, although already wed, Kate and Leesa are still obsessed with all things bridal. Fun fact, after every business meeting the girls find themselves parked out the front of the local op shop, giggling with anticipation about the discarded wedding dresses inside. Yes, they try them on, and take photos of themselves. How could you not love this pair?

Their fantastic tea towel invitations come in a number of designs: The Cameo, The Tattoo, The Classic, The Song and The Typo – in an array of vintage hues of peach, pistachio, duck egg blue, lemon and navy.

Vendor Feature: Love Note

You might recall the personalised song that featured in our Happily Ever After – Part 2 post. How thrilled we were to find sibling duo Love Note, and to learn that they can provide you with your own personalised piece to accompany your special day.

Music is the art to which is most nigh to tears and memory. It is impossible to forget a melody that touches your heart, the power of that moment stays with you forever – the way she looked, the way your heart was brimming with pride, the future in his eyes, the butterflies in your stomach, the way you couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in the world – magic…

Now imagine that that melody is written for you to celebrate your life’s most romantic moment. Love Note is a one of a kind Australian service created by a hopeless romantic whose one true love and passion is songwriting and music.

We will work with you to craft the most intimate and romantic, personalised acoustic song for your wedding or proposal.

Your song will be beautifully composed from your words, your feelings and your story, recorded for you as a song you can call truly yours forever.

We promise the surprise of a love note song will be the highlight of your special day, one that will have people talking about your wedding or your proposal for years to come and one that will never let you forget the feeling of your moment.

Love Note; your story, your promise, your song.

Vendor Feature: Message in a bottle Chocolates

Did Someone say Chocolate?!

Message in a Bottle create fantastic little Belgium chocolates in the shape of bottles, each one with its own personal message inside. A little like a fortune cookie, but made with delicious chocolate, each is wrapped with a fun and creative message for your guests. The perfect favour for your loved ones, the messages inside make a great conversation starter, the chocolate tastes great, and they add that perfect pop of colour to your table setting.

You can order messages for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, the birth of a little one, engagements, farewells, and many more. Personal messages with the date and other special details of your day or occasion can also easily be made upon request. Message in a Bottle is nestled in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast at Maleny and supplies Australia wide.

Vendor Feature: Pablo Pavlovich Photography

As promised, here is the a little about the other half our our dynamic Pavlovich duo

Pablo Pavlovich Photography is a Sunshine Coast based photography business, but he is happy to drive, fly or sail anywhere in the world to take your special shots.

Established in 2012, Pablo Pavlovich Photography specialises in weddings and events, portraits and landscapes, producing high quality images for you to hold on to forever.

The man behind the business, Pablo, has a unique ability to capture the finer details and make them shine while adopting a photojournalism approach making sure your photos are candid and as natural as the moment they were taken.

Pablo prides himself on his ability to make something beautiful into something unique and spectacular.

Pablo: The Man Behind the Lens

My name is Pablo Pavlovich and I am a photographer. Taking photos is not just my job, it is my life and I love it. I started this business because if you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. That’s exactly what I plan to do. Creativity is in my nature, so is having fun.

You can bet that whenever I’m at a shoot, whether I’m taking photos of Bob, a 70 year old ex-soldier covered in tattoos, or Lauren, a blushing bride about to marry the man of her dreams, I am always having fun and making sure my client is too.

I am inspired by beauty and nature, strength and the unusual. For me, the finer details are the details that matter most. I want to help you capture them.